Academics Overview

Adarsh Public School excels in teaching critical thinking, complex problem solving, and higher order reasoning. Studies indicate a clear link between these skills and eventual success in college and in the workplace. This directs all elements of the A.P.S. Academic Compass.

Early Childhood Curriculum

Adarsh Public School's private preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten education programs lay the foundation for developing critical thinking skills, social and emotional skills, and higher order reasoning.

₹ 850/month
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Lower School Curriculum

Your child will enjoy a personalized, engaging curriculum at our private elementary school. From 1st grade through 5th grade, we provides students with rich opportunities for intellectual, emotional and social growth.

₹ 950/month
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Middle School Curriculum

Your child’s academic, social, emotional, and physical growth are further developed at our private middle school. Adarsh Public School’s educators foster personal growth as they guide our middle school students.

₹ 1,000/month
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High School Curriculum

In addition to Computer Science classes, technology offerings are woven into every aspect of each student's education, from math and science to performing and fine arts and music.

₹ 1,100/month
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Performance and Arts

Fine arts is an important part of our curriculum. Students have the chance to express themselves artistically and gain a deeper understanding of music, theater, and more.


Athletics are vital not just for physical health and growth but also to teach our students the value of teamwork. We instill a solid work ethic while simultaneously encouraging students to find the joy in sports.